Improve Your Customer Experience With Our Personalized Recommendation Engine

Connect customers with the products they desire most with our AI-powered product recommendation engine.


Help Customers Discover the Right Products

Our product recommendation engine is aimed at connecting your customers with products they’re most likely to purchase. By collecting insights on customer behavior and preferences, our eCommerce chatbot can offer personalized recommendations to each customer, increasing your chances of generating sales. From recommending best-selling products to connecting customers with items based on their preferences, Merceo does it all.


If one of your products is performing particularly well with customers, many others will likely want to purchase it, too. Our product recommendation engine can identify best-selling items and recommend them to new customers. With our product recommendation chatbot, your business can make the most of product trends and ultimately close more sales.


Frequently Bought Together

Our product recommendation engine is the gift that keeps on giving, as it allows you to upsell related items to customers. When the system identifies that one item is frequently bought with another, it can recommend the additional item to customers before checkout. This gives you more opportunities to generate sales and offers customers a holistic shopping experience.

Best Suited Products

By chatting with your customers and understanding their preferences, our intelligent eCommerce chatbot can match them with products best suited to their needs and interests. This increases your chance of closing sales and improves the customer experience by connecting customers with the products they want.


Provide an Automated Customer Experience

With fully customizable self-service options, you can provide your customers with an automated experience, no matter the time of day. Thanks to this increased customer convenience, your business is poised to inspire more sales. From intelligent search to automated upselling options, our eCommerce chatbot is ready to upgrade your business.

Intelligent Search With FAQ Knowledge Base

With Merceo, your customers have access to smart self-service features that help them avoid the frustration of waiting for a human support agent. Our eCommerce chatbot offers intelligent search options and a fully customizable FAQ knowledge base to ensure your customers can efficiently discover products and gather the information they need before making a purchase.

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Special Offer Generation

Want to eradicate those frustrating abandoned carts? With special offer generation, you can keep customers interested and lock down sales by providing coupons and special offers for products left in carts. Through our dynamic special offer generation, your business can successfully retain customers, increase sales, and reduce abandoned cart rates.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Our advanced recommendation engine actively suggests best-selling products and items frequently bought together, encouraging customers to make additional purchases related to their preferences.  This helps your business generate more sales while keeping customers happy, as you can provide them with items that compliment existing purchases.

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Serve Customer With 24/7 Service

Our eCommerce chatbot offers 24/7 self-service options, providing customer support when your customers need it most, which includes around-the-clock personalized recommendations and continuous upselling.  By serving customers 24/7, your business will never have to leave customers waiting again, catapulting your sales, boosting profits, and enhancing the overall sales process.

Seamlessly Integrate With All Your Marketing Platforms

Our product recommendation engine and chatbot system seamlessly integrates across platforms, from eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce to social media channels like WhatsApp. Thanks to the full functionality of Merceo’s eCommerce chatbot, you can now reach customers where it matters most.

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How It Works

Our conversational AI chatbot, powered by impressive technology featuring AI integration and a user-friendly interface, provides your business with 24/7 self-service options and an effective product recommendation engine.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Our eCommerce chatbot, powered by advanced (NLP) and machine learning, excels in understanding and responding to customer queries in a natural, intuitive manner. This integration into your business means the chatbot continually learns from interactions, enhancing its ability to interpret user intents and personalize responses based on customer history and preferences. Crucially, AI gives our chatbots an accurate understanding of conversational context, allowing you to connect customers with the products they need.

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Real-Time Product Recommendations

Our product recommendation engine employs predictive analytics, collaborative filtering, and context-aware algorithms to analyze customer behavior and preferences, dynamically adapting suggestions in real-time. From customer behavior to browsing history and buying patterns, this valuable information is then used by your chatbot to offer real-time product recommendations that help you close more sales and boost customer satisfaction.

Integration With eCommerce Platforms

Our intelligent chatbot seamlessly integrates with existing eCommerce platforms, including your website and Shopify. Once integrated, it can access inventory information and customer data, which enables it to provide real-time personalized product recommendations. This gives your AI chatbot a foundational dataset that allows it to start making recommendations immediately.

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User Interface and Experience

The Merceo eCommerce chatbot comes with a user-friendly interface suitable for all levels of technical knowledge. Tech-shy customers won’t feel intimidated, while tech-familiar customers will feel at home. Thanks to conversational AI, your new chatbot is as easy to use as having a conversation with a friend – a friend with an in-depth understanding of your business and product catalog.

Merceo Helps You Scale Your Business

Merceo actively positions your business for growth, whether through leveraging FAQ automation or personalized product recommendations, thanks to its advanced functionality. As your business expands, so too does your capacity to offer 24/7 AI support to service customers.

Gain Unprecedented Insights Into Agent Performance

Gain Better Customer Insights

Merceo enables your business to know your customers inside and out with enhanced insights gathered through natural chatbot interactions. While talking with customers, your eCommerce chatbot ingests information on their behavior and preferences, giving you a data-based understanding of their shopping interests. Using this information, you can make data-driven decisions and provide products and services that increase customer satisfaction.

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Personalize Your Store With Predictive Analytics

Merceo assists you in reviewing insights from your chatbot, enabling you to more accurately predict future statistics like stock volume requirements. Understanding your business’s future needs puts you in a strong position to properly prepare for upcoming demands, ensuring customers will never be disappointed by out-of-stock items again.

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Improved ROI

Our eCommerce chatbot and product recommendation engine system helps your business improve its ROI, thanks to its many upselling opportunities. As customers discover more products suited to their preferences, your chances of closing sales increases – and, with customer satisfaction, comes repeat business.