Instant Answers, Anytime: Your 24/7 FAQ Chatbot

Give your customers the answers they need in just a few clicks, no matter the time of day. The Merceo eCommerce chatbot brings convenience to the customer experience and increases your business’s overall efficiency.


What Smart Functionality Does Merceo Offer?

From intelligent FAQ matching to a seamless user experience, our eCommerce chatbot provides the functionality your business needs. Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, our chatbot catapults your business into the future of online shopping.

Intelligent FAQ Matching

With our responsive conversation AI chatbot, your customers are provided with the answers they need immediately. Through intelligent FAQ matching, our chatbot connects query intent with relevant information, preventing customers from having to search through lengthy pages to find answers to simple questions. Save your customers’ time and boost the customer experience with Merceo.


Multi-Platform Availability

Our eCommerce chatbots can be integrated across channels, including your website, WhatsApp, Slack, and Discord, bringing customers the answers they need on the platforms they like most. Thanks to this dynamic convenience, your customers can now enjoy efficient 24/7 customer service, FAQ answers, and checkout assistance without ever having to switch apps.

Customizable Knowledge Base

Our chatbot integration comes with a fully customizable knowledge base, meaning it can be perfectly tailored to your customer needs. With just a few clicks and little need for technical expertise, you can load up your FAQs and company info to ensure a streamlined customer experience. This way, when customers interact with your eCommerce chatbot, they’ll enjoy responsive, accurate support with personalized product recommendations.

Customizable Knowledge Base

Seamless User Experience

With an intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface (UI), you can bring customers a seamless experience that makes finding products simple and convenient. Our eCommerce chatbots provide helpful shopping assistance and personalized product recommendations without the hassle of a clunky UI. Thanks to Merceo’s smart shopping experience, your customers can discover new products and get answers to their queries within minutes.

Increase Your Business Efficiency With an FAQ Chatbot

Through its dynamic functionality and advanced features, our eCommerce chatbot will substantially boost your business’s efficiency, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Step 1

Reduce Workload on Customer Support

Our eCommerce chatbots leverage artificial intelligence to offer responsive customer inquiry handling that accurately addresses customer needs. Thanks to this AI-powered support, your business can effectively reduce employee workloads, lower your operational costs, and boost productivity, all while keeping customers happy.

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Customer Satisfaction Image
Step 2

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By offering personalized product recommendations and FAQ automation, you increase customer satisfaction, as your customers will no longer have to endlessly scroll through lists of products until they find what they’re looking for. Now, customers can simply talk with your eCommerce chatbot and get instantaneous product recommendations based on their preferences.

Step 3

24/7 Customer Support

With a chatbot for eCommerce, you can provide 24/7 assistance with real-time query resolution, preventing customers from being bound by limited support times. This enables your business to give customers the assistance they need with attentive, relevant, AI-powered support, even when your team isn’t available.

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Valuable Insights Image
Step 4

Valuable Insights From Interactions

The more customers talk with your chatbot, the more its AI algorithm learns about user interaction data, including behavior and product preferences. Using these insights, you can better make data-driven decisions that refine the sales process to meet customer expectations. Overall, your customer experience will be elevated, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

How It Works

We built Merceo with customization in mind, making it easy for you to match your business’s branding with our advanced technology. From understanding user queries to continuous learning based on user input, our chatbot brings a new kind of customer experience that’s second to none.

Understand User Queries

By leveraging the immense power of natural language processing (NLP), we’re able to build eCommerce chatbots that accurately understand user queries. Natural language processing is the AI technology that enables machines to understand, process, and interpret human language. Integrating NLP with our chatbots means your customers get responsive and dynamic support at all times.

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Accurate and Prompt Responses Image

Provide Accurate and Prompt Responses

With built-in knowledge base management, you can ensure that your chatbot continuously offers accurate and relevant information instantaneously. While wider queries can be satisfied with internet data retrieval, knowledge base data allows for prompt and accurate responses regarding pertinent information about your business.

Learn and Adapt

Because your chatbot learns about customer behavior and preferences through its conversations, it’s able to properly adapt to better meet customer expectations, new or old. This creates a dynamic customer experience that continuously improves to suit your customer base. With our eCommerce chatbot, you can provide an exceptional customer experience with extra convenience.

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Integration with Other Services (FAQ Chatbot) Image

Integration With Other Services

Our live chatbot can be integrated with other systems, such as inventory management, CRM, and analytics tools, as well as your customer’s favorite channels, from WhatsApp to Discord. This ensures easy accessibility and a seamless experience for both your business and customers.

Integration and Setup

Whether you’re a technical whizz or not, the Merceo eCommerce chatbot offers a hassle-free integration process that takes only a few clicks. Besides, no matter your needs, our team of experts is here to help. Once the conversational AI system has been integrated, you’ll then have access to many customization options to tailor your chatbot to fit the preferences of your business and customers.

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Easy Integration With Existing Systems

With a helping hand from our team of experts, Merceo’s eCommerce chatbot is easily integrated with your existing systems, from your website to your inventory management tools. Whether you’re an online retailer or managing customer relationships, our conversational AI is poised to elevate your business.

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Customization and Brand Alignment

Each business is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to automated FAQ and customer support chatbots. We built our AI chatbot enabled with several customization options, from knowledge management to product recommendations, ensuring every business can enjoy its benefits. Whatever your business may be, our conversational AI is aligned with your brand.