Revolutionize Your Store With AI-Powered Search and Product Discovery

Ensure customers always find what they’re looking for by delivering relevant and adaptive search results with lightning-fast AI-powered tools.

Your Essential AI Tools

With intuitive product discovery and search result features, your customers can enjoy a personalized and hassle-free online shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Powerful Product Discovery Tools

Connect customers with the products they want most and create an effortless shopping experience with our product discovery tools. Our AI-powered eCommerce search assistant boosts conversion rates and maximizes average order value (AOV) by presenting customers with data-driven results tailored to their unique needs. With Merceo, you’ll never miss out on sales again due to poor product visibility.


Lightning-Fast, Relevant Search Results

Leveraging intelligent custom search algorithms, our AI search assistant delivers lighting-fast results that elevate the online shopping experience. So, forget about abandoned carts and unsatisfied customers, and start capturing more sales through innovative AI search that rapidly connects customers with the products they want. Our technology, combined with your passion, ensures success is just a click away.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Preferred Platform

Whether you’re as techy as a Trekkie or as new to AI as your Nana, our AI search assistant offers seamless eCommerce integration. From Shopify product filters to WooCommerce for WordPress, Merceo is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms. It also boasts a user-friendly interface for both you and your customers, encouraging repeat business and boosting dwell time. Sales are all the more likely, thanks to our technology.

How It Works

Step 1

Understanding User Queries

Natural language processing (NLP) is an AI model that enables machines to understand text-based data in a similar way to humans then synthesize natural language. We use NLP to allow our AI search assistant to accurately process user search queries, connecting customers to relevant products and reducing your store’s bounce rates.

Understanding User Queries
Relevance and Speed
Step 2

Relevance and Speed

To enhance the speed and accuracy of the search process, we use an advanced AI algorithm that returns results with lightning-fast speed. This algorithm puts traditional product search systems to shame, giving you an edge over competitors. And, with such accurate search results, you never have to worry about customers struggling to find the products they need.

Step 3

Personalized Suggestions

Personalized product recommendations boost customer satisfaction, reduce bounce rates, and increase sales. We use data-driven insights to conduct thorough user behavior analysis that puts customers at the center of your business. By analyzing past searches, product views, and completed purchases of individual users, we’re able to provide accurate personalized recommendations that will help you retain customers.

Personalized Suggestion
Dynamic Adaptation
Step 4

Dynamic Adaptation

The more customers use your eCommerce website, the more opportunity there is to understand their shopping behavior. As your new AI search assistant analyzes customer interactions with your website, it builds a better understanding of their preferences and ensures personalized product recommendations are relevant to individual customers. Showing customers products that match their preferences will ultimately increase your sales.

Step 5

User-Centric Design

Sometimes, too many options can impede a person’s decision-making abilities, causing them to leave your site. Fortunately, our AI search assistant and product discovery tools always put the customer at the center of the experience. The smart product filter and search capabilities enhance customers’ ability to efficiently narrow down product choices and streamline the shopping experience. By connecting customers with tailored product recommendations, you offer a relevant selection of products that customers genuinely want.

User-Centric Design
Consistent Experience
Step 6

Consistent Experience Across Platforms

With our AI-Powered eCommerce search, you provide customers with a cohesive search and product discovery experience across platforms. For example, your chatbot can be implemented on your website, as well as in social media apps, allowing you to cater to a wide range of customers. Your brand image is also maintained across channels, heightening awareness about your business.

Merceo Helps You Scale Your Business

Set your business up for sustained growth with Merceo’s powerful capabilities. From boosting the customer experience to increasing your revenue, our chatbot provides everything you need to enhance the shopping process and stand out amongst the competition.

Enhanced Customer Experience

With advanced product discovery tools, you can give customers a satisfying shopping experience and prevent endless product searches and clunky interfaces from getting in the way of sales. Our AI search assistant provides customers with a seamless experience that allows them to conveniently find products and, therefore, boosts your chances of closing sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience Image
Increased Conversion Image

Increased Conversion and AOV

Getting consumers to your website is the easy part, but converting them to customers is another story. With personalized product recommendations provided by our AI eCommerce chatbot, you’ll be on your way to converting customers in no time. Crucially, your average order value (AOV) will likely increase, too, as customers are presented with items that align with their preferences.

Streamlined Product Discovery

Unoptimized product search is a major killer for eCommerce businesses and results in a slew of negative effects. By implementing a responsive product discovery tool, you can streamline your search process and ensure customers can easily find the products they need. Rapidly connecting customers with their desired items leads to higher sales and satisfaction rates and also improves your site’s overall usability.

Streamlined Product Discovery Image
Data-Driven Insights Image

Data-Driven Insights for Business Growth

Leverage our AI chatbot’s powerful analytics capabilities to gain data-driven insights that inform strategic decisions. By gathering and evaluating personalized customer data and usage patterns, it provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize engagement strategies, tailor product offerings, identify new opportunities, and more to help you make well-informed business moves.